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Enrollment and Registration

Prospective Beginners (Ages 3-5 years):

Are you interested in our program? After you have made contact with our faculty you will be invited to observe a group lesson with your child.  It is during the group lesson that you will begin to catch a glimpse of the Suzuki philosophy in action.  You will observe our learning community of students, parents, and teachers working together and begin to see the many possibilities that exist for your child in Suzuki Talent Education. 


After you have observed a group class, you will be asked to observe a private lesson of a student that is a similar age of your child.  After these experiences you will undoubtedly have questions.  At this time we will schedule a one-on-one parent consultation where will address your questions, provide additional information, and share our observations of your child and their readiness to begin instruction.  You will then be added to our waiting list and placed with a teacher when there is available space.

Prospective students with previous violin or viola instruction:

We welcome students with a wide variety of musical backgrounds.  Our training is specific and requires your full investment and participation in the learning process.  Prior to accepting a transfer student, we want to be certain that the goals and vision we have for our students are congruent with your own personal needs.  We ask that you schedule an audition with one of our faculty, and come prepared to discuss your goals and present some music that reflects your current level.

Enrollment Form
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