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Suzuki Approach | An Introduction to the Suzuki Method®

German text by Kerstin Wartberg, translated by Mike Hoover, adaptations and additions by Charles Krigbaum



The Suzuki Method is based on an entirely natural and everyday event -- a small child learning to speak.  This ordinary process is occurring at every moment throughout the world and demonstrates, in an extraordinary manner, the incredible learning potential that exists in all children.  


Scientific research confirms that even five-year-old children possess unconscious grammatical knowledge of language more complex than could be described completely in a textbook! Current research also indicates that early experiences with music are crucial for establishing a foundation for lifelong music development. 



Children’s musical experiences from birth to age five have a particularly profound impact on the extent to which they will be able to understand,  appreciate, and achieve in music at a later age. However, it has also been shown that if nerve cells are not stimulated in the proper way and at the appropriate time, these missed opportunities can hardly be corrected. 


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