Teacher Training at the

North Texas School of Talent Education

The Suzuki Association of the Americas oversees an extensive teacher development process.  Courses are offered across the country by a select group of registered teacher trainers, a distinction shared by NTSTE Directors Charles Krigbaum and Daina Volodka Staggs. 


If you are interested in pursing training to become a registered Suzuki teacher, you can view upcoming training opportunities with Mr. Krigbaum and Mrs. Volodka Staggs below.  

Upcoming Courses

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Violin Practicum

June 6 - 10, 2022

Online via Zoom


• Participants must have a current Suzuki studio and must have completed a minimum of ECC and Unit 1.

• Participants must bring video lesson segments of their home teaching

• In addition to viewing and discussion of video material from the participants’ home studios, the Practicum participants will have the opportunity to teach on-site students with guidance from the Teacher Trainer.

Criteria for Practicum videos:

o A complete 30-minute lesson.

o One 30-minute segment containing materials of their choice. (Possibilities are consecutive lessons of the same student, a group lesson, a reading lesson, a challenging student, lessons at different book levels, etc.)